Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turning 2012's Page...

Well Christmas is over and we will soon embark upon a new year. The turning of the calendar can often signal the turning of the page both literally and metaphorically. A new year can bring with it a new journey, new experiences, and new beginnings.
I’ve been pondering my New Year’s resolution. I believe that my resolution for 2013 will be to do more volunteer work. It’s very rewarding.  I am also going to make a list of “Ten Things to Accomplish in 2013”. I will elaborate in a future blog post.
So as 2012 winds down, may we all look forward to the new beginnings that 2013 will bring :)
What excites you about a new year? Do you usually make a New Year’s Resolution?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Conquering our Fears...

“When you face your fear, most of the time you will
discover that it was not really such a big threat after all.
We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation,
for it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams.”  ~Les Brown

I was reading an article in an old issue of Readers Digest that said 97% of the world’s population has a phobia.  Whether it’s spiders, closed spaces, germs, or what have you, it seems that we all have something that gives us a case of the “heebie geebies”.  

From the time I was a little boy I have had a paralyzing fear of heights. I'm not sure where it originated, but it's been there as long as I can remember. I’ve never even ridden a roller coaster in my life due to this fear. Crazy eh?

Lately, I have become determined to conquer this fear. I am thinking of conquering my fear of heights by participating in one of the following three activities: zip lining, rock climbing, or parasailing. Of the three, I am leaning towards parasailing since it’s offered where I will be vacationing this summer!

I think it’s very important to conquer our fears, and I feel that by conquering this fear I will be able to engage in activities that I have previously missed out on.

What are some of your phobias?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis The Season!!!

I just wanted to drop by and say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my blogger family!! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Dream I Can't Shake

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” ~Henry David Thoreau

Most of my life I have had this dream of traveling the world and dedicating my life to helping others.  It’s something I’ve never been able to shake. Even now in life, with a good job and a feeling of being relatively settled, there is still a part of me that yearns to make this dream a reality.
It’s as if I was born with this desire. In many ways, it’s always felt like something that I am supposed to do. Does that make sense? It’s actually a very hard thing to describe. I remember thinking about this as early as age 12. I read a book about John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps initiative and it immediately resonated with me.
Lately, I have begun seriously contemplating the pursuit of this lifelong dream. Whether it’s the Peace Corps, World Teach, or United Planet, I feel it’s something that I am supposed to do. I can’t imagine anything more rewarding that becoming a part of something bigger than myself.
Did you pursue your dream? Do you have any unfulfilled dreams that you still consider pursuing?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We've got Nothing but Time...

“Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.” ~William Penn

Leisure time. Such a commodity these days isn’t it? One of my good friends is a single mother with two children, works as a waitress, and is also taking college classes. I remarked to her how impressed I am that she’s able to manage those three endeavors simultaneously. She spoke of how it’s all about time management.

As someone myself who works and goes to grad school, I am no stranger to the difficulties of time management. However, my responsibilities pale in comparison to hers! This has inspired me to work on my time management skills.

What about you. Do you have difficulty with time management skills and/or carving out leisure time?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Up goes the Tree :)

Creating a winter wonderland in my living room.

I am a “Christmas nut”, as many of my co-workers and friends call me. In late September I begin counting down the days until my favorite time of year. In October I began playing Christmas music in my office on Pandora. I love everything the Christmas season – the songs, the weather, the spirit, the scents, the atmosphere…everything.

After arriving home from work Monday night, I decided that I was going to decorate earlier than ever. So I put on some Christmas music, went across the street to get me a peppermint mocha, and pulled all of my Christmas décor out of the garage. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night decorating my house from top to bottom.  Tis the season!!

When do you usually decorate for Christmas?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paying it Forward

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” ~Aesop

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were having lunch at IHOP on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Beside us, a mother was eating with her four children. They looked so happy and full of life. In my conversation with my friend, I made the remark that if I am ever “well-to-do”, that I would pick one family and pay for their meal anonymously every time I went out to eat. I have just always loved the idea of doing something like that.
So, on this beautiful Sunday, my friend and I thought why wait until we are well-to-do? Why not start today? So we both looked over at the mother and her four children and thought the same thing. We flagged their waitress down and informed her that we would like to pay for their meal anonymously. The anonymous part was important to us, because we did not want thanks, for that would almost defeat the purpose. We simply viewed it as a good deed and felt that they would “pay it forward’ someday.  

We left the restaurant feeling inspired and on top of the world. So my friend and I made this vow: Each and every day, we are doing a small, random act of kindness for a complete stranger. Whether it’s paying for the car behind us in a drive-thru, helping someone put groceries in their car, or even just opening doors or holding the elevator for people.

Ponder this for a second: if each person on earth did one random act of kindness each day for a stranger, what would the world be like?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Debby was a Downer :-)

Well vacation didn’t go quite as planned. During the drive to Cape San Blas, Florida, we started getting reports that a tropical storm (Debby) would possible be on its way. During those initial reports however, the prevailing thought was that it would be heading towards Texas. Shortly after we arrived though, they had changed the projected path and we were right in the middle of it! We were able to get some beach time during the first evening there for about an hour and a half before a torrential downpour came. We went to bed that night hoping that the storm’s path would change…
Alas, it was not meant to be. By the next morning, the winds were a sustained 30-50 miles per hour and the rain was relentless. We had to stay in our beach house the entirety of the next day. Our area picked up 8 inches that night!! With the eye of the storm still about 20 hours away from landfall, it was becoming apparent that our vacation might have to be cut short – after only a day and a half.
The decision ended up being made for us, as the entire cape was evacuated the next morning. We were pretty discouraged but thankfully we were all safe so that’s what matters. On the bright side, I can now say that I was in a tropical storm – how cool!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

24 Hours Until Departure :-)

In 24 hours I leave for Cape San Blas, Florida for a week! I've been looking forward to this trip for months so I am incredibly excited. There will be sun, sand, the ocean...and there may be some rum involved :-)

I wish all of my blogger friends a great week and I will definitely update with pictures when I return.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Message in a Bottle...

In 9 days, I leave for annual summer vacation in Cape San Blas, Florida. It's a secluded beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. I cannot even begin to describe how much I am looking forward to this trip! There’s something so amazing about the ocean. From the pristine waters, to the sound of the waves, to the feeling of the sand under your feet, it’s simply one of the most amazing things on earth. The sunsets are absolutely amazing…the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. In short, I love everything about it.

Something I'm contemplating doing during vacation is sending out a hand-written message in a bottle. There's something so poetic about the idea of a message in a bottle. It makes me think of the days when people would send letters across the endless seas. I love the thought of not knowing where it will end up, who will read it, or when it will be discovered. It could be discovered in a week, a year, a decade, or more. I feel that there's something inescapably romantic about "not knowing" the destination.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today

There's an old saying that I like: "The past is a good place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay". This quote is so very true. We have a tendency to let the past take up too much of our thoughts. We spend so much time looking backward that we prevent ourselves from looking forward.

Here's an analogy I like to use: Imagine trying to walk forward while turning your head over your shoulder to look backwards. You'll stumble, wobble, and quite likely run into something! You're spending so much time looking backwards that you have severely hindered your ability to move forward. Make sense?

Let yourself let go of the past. It doesn't mean you have to forget it or pretend it never happened. But it does mean not allowing yourself to be defined by it. It's called the past for a reason. Look forward...move forward. Who knows what magical possibilities could await if you just allow yourself to see them!!

Do you have problems moving on from the past?

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course

The horses at our college's horse farm

The college that I work at has an equine program. It's actually the program that we're probably the most known for. Because of our equine program, we have a beautiful horse farm adjacent to campus. Sometimes, on my lunch break, I walk over to the horse farm and enjoy these amazing and beautiful creatures. I started doing this back in the fall and it really is one of the most wonderful parts of my day.

We're a rural college to begin with, so the combination of our rural location and the horse farm makes for such a beautifully serene experience. When I am at the horse farm, all the sounds of mankind (cars, people talking, machinery) are nowhere to be heard - save for the occasional tractor in the distance. It is medicine for the soul, as I like to say.

I really want to learn more about horses. One of the things on my "2012 bucket list" is to take horseback riding lessons. Do you like horses? Have you ever ridden?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Birds In Love...

This morning I saw one of the most beautiful sights that I've ever seen. I was at a stop light while driving to work when I noticed two birds sitting on a fence wire. They were perfectly silhouetted aganst the bleeding orange of the sunrise behind them. I believe they were a couple, for it felt like they were wildly in love...

It was truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was introduced to "Parks and Recreation

About 2 weeks ago, a coworker of mine introduced me to ‘Parks and Recreation’. I had been planning on watching it eventually, and my coworker was kind enough to lend me the DVD box sets so that I could catch up. What an amazing show!!  

The show centers around the Parks and Recreation Department of the small town of Pawnee, Indiana. It’s one of the more magnificently casted shows that I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s a comedy along the lines of ‘The Office’, but it’s much better. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!

Have you seen this show? If not, you must!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chasing Waterfalls

I could feel the waterfall's mist on me from here!!

On Saturday afternoon I represented Midway College Admissions at a recruiting event at Cumberland Falls State Park Lodge. The event itself went pretty well. I was able to speak to several prospective students. These events are also great for getting our college's name out there. All in all, it was a success!

After the event, I decided that I wanted to see the Park's main attraction, Cumberland Falls. Known as "The Niagra of the South", Cumberland Falls is the largest waterfall in the southeastern United States. It measures 70 feet high and 125 feet wide. It's truly a beautiful and amazing sight. It's not only amazing visually, but the sound is amazing as well! Mother Nature is truly an amazing thing. The most interesting fact about Cumberland Falls is that it's one of only two waterfalls in the entire world (Victoria Falls in Africa being the other) where you can see a "moonbow". A moonbow, or lunar rainbow, is created  when light from a full-moon refracts off of the water from the falls creating a prism of light in the mist of the falls. Doesn't that sound amazing??

I am going to check this summer's lunar calendar so that I can witness a moonbow for the very first time.

Have you ever seen a waterfall? If not, would you like to?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

To My Blogging Family

I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing and wonderful blogging friends. When I first started blogging, I never imagined I would love it as much as I do. I basically started my blog on a whim…not really knowing where I was going with it or what I wanted it to become. All I knew was that I loved writing, and to be honest that was enough.

After a while, something magnificent began to happen. I began to visit other blogs and it opened up my eyes to so many things. I began to enjoy reading other people’s blogs much more than I liked writing my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and posting, but the thing I look forward to every day is checking my friend’s blogs and reading their stories and journeys.

Through blogging, I have been fortunate enough to develop correspondence with people from all across the world. It’s truly such a wonderful thing. I’ve also been awakened to the fact that none of us are alone in this world…there are so many people who are experiencing the exact same feelings, dreams, fears, and hopes that we are. I love my blogging family and I look forward to sharing stories together for many days to come J

What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Monday, May 7, 2012

If You Knew You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do?

"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" ~ Robert Schuller

I have always loved this quote because it stirs the dreamer within me (admittedly that's not a difficult thing to do). We've all had a dream profession...something we began thinking of in childhood or adolescence. Slowly, over time and into young adulthood, many of us begin to see our dream as unattainable. Was it truly unattainable or did we just begin to view it as urealistic? Don't get me wrong, not everyone lets go of their dream. But somewhere along the way, a lot of us do. From the time I was a child, my dream was to work with endangered wildlife. I even had it narrowed down to four specific areas haha!!

  • Working with endangered wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
  • Studying the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef off the Northeast coast of Australia
  • Working with the endangered wildlife of the Serengeti National Park in Africa
  • Or working with the Mountain Gorilla population in the Virunga Mountains of Uganda
My high school Guidance Counselor sort of dismissed these dreams of mine as impractical. I can vividly remember him saying "It's not like these jobs are're not going to see an advertisement in the help wanted ads for this kind of work". I let that conversation influence me more than I should have. Somewhere along the way, I began to develop an interest in sociology and psychology. I began to gravitate more towards those fields, as part of me thought they were more practical for me (in no small part due to the advice of my Guidance Counselor). My interest in psychology did lead me to my current job (which I love by the way), but every once in a while I harken back to my childhood dreams. I'll always have a passion for animals and for preservation. Some dreams never die :-)

What was your childhood dream? Did you or are you currently pursuing it?   

Monday, April 30, 2012

Do Some Couples "Miss Their Moment"?

Pinned Image
“Some things are destined to be -- it just takes us a couple of tries
to get there.”
 ~J.R. Ward

I was watching a television show Sunday afternoon in which one of the characters was explaining why her and her ex never got married despite being seemingly perfect for one another. She said that, in essence, they "missed their moment". According to the character, every couple has a specific time frame...a moment where they can either catch fire or fizzle out...a moment in which the stars are aligned. If they miss that window, it's almost impossible for the stars to align the right way again. Such couples have missed their moment.

This was very thought provoking to me, as I am a big believer in fate, destiny, and serendipity. To me, if two people are truly meant to be together, the stars will re-align themselves again and again and again if that's what their destiny has in store. But then again, maybe that's just my idealized vision of love.

What do you think? Do some couples miss their moment? Or can fate overcome that? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking a Hike

The view from the west pinnacle

Saturday morning it was rainy, overcast, and foggy...the perfect day to take a nature hike! I like to hike in this area called "The Pinnacles" in Berea. It's a 3 1/2 mile hiking path that gradually ascends to some of the most spectacular scenery in Kentucky. What made Saturday even better is that I knew hardly anyone would be there. For some reason, people don't like to hike in the rain. It should come as a surprise to none of my regular readers that I actually find that to be the most beautiful time to hike.

When I first entered the base of The Pinnacles, I was greeted by a very rambunctious yellow lab mix. I named him Socrates haha. He followed me literally everywhere...traveling step by step beside me on the entire 3 hour journey! He did concern me a couple of times by getting perilously close to the edge of some of the cliffs, but I'm sure he is a seasoned hiker.

The hike was simply amazing. The forest was was a very rich and lush green color throughout. The fog made the scenery absolutely breathtaking. It not only hovered in the tops of the pinnacles, but it also nestled in the lowland valleys, creating a view that I don't think I've ever experienced before. The sound of the raindrops hitting the treetops was something to behold as well. The fact that the birds were also singing at the top of their lungs made this experience every bit as powerful to the ears as it was to the eyes.

The hike cleared my senses and put me in an incredibly good mood for the rest of the day. Do you get a chance to nature hike very often? If so, what type of area do you hike to?

Here are some more pictures from Saturday's hike:

The fog added to the beauty in ways that I can't even begin to describe

I sat down and enjoyed this particular view for about 30 minutes

My new hiking buddy :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Should Have Named my Cat 'Dexter' (Repost)

    Meet Ruby...evil cloaked in cuteness
I wrote this last July during the infancy stages of my blog. I decided to share the story again because, well, cats are funny :)
I am a little worried about Ruby, my cat. She is a seemingly normal creature who has lately been exhibiting a “dark” side.  About a month ago I was walking downstairs to fix some breakfast prior to getting ready for work when I glanced something out of the corner of my eye in front of the door that leads to the back deck. Upon closer inspection, it was a dead mouse that had been murdered. I quickly narrowed the suspect pool to one...Ruby. She had motive, means, and opportunity. Add to that the fact that she had no alibi and it became painfully obvious that she was the perpetrator.

Although I was thankful to Ruby for making me aware that there was a mouse in the house, I was nonetheless concerned because she had never previously exhibited homicidal tendencies. In fact, aside from the occasional psychotic moment that all cats have (chasing imaginary objects, randomly pouncing on your leg as you walk by, running sideways through the living room for no apparent reason, etc.) she was actually quite docile.
Perhaps she simply thought it was a toy, I thought to myself. After all, several of her toys are “toy mice”. She probably just thought this was a toy that had suddenly sprung to life! Surely my little Ruby Sue would not intentionally kill another creature. After all, I had instilled morals in her from a very young age. Unfortunately, last week, it happened again. This time her handiwork was in the living room in front of the entertainment center. The body of the mouse exhibited signs of significant trauma to the head area…the amateur criminal profiler in me felt that this clearly demonstrated that the killer (ahem, Ruby) had enjoyed themselves. I had classified her first kill as an “accident”...or at the very most a “crime of passion”. However I was beginning to believe that she was now a cold-blooded murderer, having concealed these homicidal instincts from me the entire time I have had her!
Ruby's second victim...
Criminologists generally agree that the threshold to be considered a serial killer is three victims. It concerns me that Ruby is merely one kill away from being lumped into the same category as John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Jeffery Dahmer. Is Ruby truly a psychopath? Is the sweet purring that she greets me with upon arriving home from work every day merely a facade? Merely a mask that cloaks the true monster within? With one more kill I will be forced to accept the hard truth…that Ruby is a cold-blooded psychopath willing to drain the life from another living creature without any apparent remorse.

On the plus side though, isn't she cute?!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't Confine Yourself...

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place
when they can fly anywhere on the earth,
then I ask myself the same question.”
― Harun Yahya

I love quotes. I collect them as sort of a little side hobby, for I find them very inspirational and thought-provoking. I recently discovered the above quote by Turkish author Harun Yahya and it really made me think…a lot.

Much like Mr. Yahya, I have often wondered what it must be like to be a bird…to have the power to literally fly anywhere you wanted to at any given moment. Where would I go? Where would you go?

Do you ever wonder what else the world could have in store for us? What else could be awaiting us if we dared step outside of our own little world? It’s an exhilarating thought. Why do we confine ourselves? I’m not speaking of merely physical confinement, but also intellectual confinement as well.

Just a random Thursday morning thought that I wanted to share with you :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Benefits of "You Time"

My job at the college usually requires me to work about 47 hours per week. That, coupled with my 45 minute commute, leaves little free time on any given day. So what I have gotten into the habit of doing, and it's made such a world of difference, is setting aside a little time each day to myself. Yesterday, for instance, I took an afternoon stroll on my lunch break and walked down to a beautiful meandering stream that runs adjacent to campus. Once there, I sat on a large stone next to the stream and enjoyed about 15 minutes of nothing but the sounds of the birds and the sounds of the stream flowing over the rocks. I returned to work refreshed and re-energized.

Sometimes, usually about every other Saturday, I will go to the cinema by myself and catch an afternoon matinee. It’s a good way to escape from the world for a couple hours and the popcorn’s not bad either. I also hit the treadmill at the gym for 30 minutes every night after work while getting lost in the multitude of 90s songs that I have on my MP3 (don’t judge). It’s a great way to wind down the day and also some great thinking time.

I think it's so important that we make time for ourselves. We often get so caught up in making sure that we're not neglecting other things (work, school, family, etc.) that we end up neglecting the one thing that we should not neglect...ourselves. Perhaps it's because it's in our nature to view devoting time to ourselves as selfish...but nothing could be further from the truth! Think about it, the stress-relieving benefits of a little time to yourself each day will actually make you that much more effective when attending to family, work, and school.

Also, time to yourself is healthy! Make some time for yourself...even if it's 15 minutes per day. It's essential to have some "you time" every once in a while. Will you have to sometimes get a little creative to accomplish this? Of course. But it's manageable...after all, if you can successfully devote yourself to other activities/responsibilities then surely you can successfully carve out a little time for you.

Do you get to enjoy "you time" as often as you'd like?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little Something to Think About...

Pinned Image

I came across this picture a week or so ago while searching for thought-provoking quotes and images - which I like to do regularly. This particular picture, and the quote within the picture, resonatd with me. Take some time to look at this image. Look at the hand of this faceless, famine-stricken child reaching out to be comforted by this faceless stranger. Take some time to think about the things that we take for granted each and every day...the things we complain about. This child would give anything to have our complaints. In the grand scheme of things we're much more fortunate than we realize.

Secondly, I ask you to share this picture/thought with your friends today. We should never forget that there are people in this world who are literally starving to breaks my heart. Let's work on being grateful for the blessings that we have...the roof over our heads at night...the food and water that we have in abudance. Simply being aware of these things can do wonders for the soul, for it allows us to keep our everyday problems in perspective. So today, my friends, let's all take some time to truly be thankful...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Today has been quite a long day and the moments have blurred together. It’s cloudy yet still beautiful this evening. When I close my eyes tonight another Monday will have broken broken. I have my window open as I write this. The birds are whistling rhapsodic tonight…perhaps their blissfulness is the result of the fast-approaching spring.
I sometimes pause and wonder how the days pass so quickly. How the days between last Monday and this Monday vanish so unbelievably fast. I wonder how many everyday gifts I miss and fail to appreciate due to time passing so fast. Even the gifts that recur daily feel like new gifts every single day. I wonder why we so often look for the biggest gifts and adrenaline-filled moments rather than enjoying and savoring life’s every day moments…the moments that truly last.
Maybe it is the ordinary days, mundane yet dependable, that are the days we should truly cherish.  Days draped with the familiar blessings that shield us from vulnerability. I think that these are my favorite days. Simple, quiet, ordinary days.
Today is one of those days…”extraordinarily ordinary” :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Never Fails...

Pinned Image
Heartbreak…we’ve all experienced it. That “end of the world” (I’m being melodramatic for effect of course) feeling that comes with losing the love of your life – or whom you thought was the love of your life. It was a little over a year ago that I experienced profound heartbreak. I only bring this up to segue into the point of this blog piece…which is to refrain from allowing past heartaches to jade us when it comes to love. Is that easier said than done?  Of course it is. I haven’t dated since but that’s only because I recently vowed to take some time to go on a journey of self-discovery prior to dating again. One thing I will not do is allow myself to be jaded though. If you allow yourself to be jaded…to close your heart to love…then love may very well never find you again.
There’s an old saying: “One day, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else”. Think about that for a second. In the midst of heartbreak we are unable to see past the immediacy of our hurt…we think things like “I’ll never feel this way about anyone else ever again”. I would venture to guess that there’s no one reading this blog piece that hasn’t, at one time or another, uttered those words to themselves after experiencing heartbreak.  It’s human nature…we all do it. What we don’t realize is that someday, whether it’s tomorrow, next month, next year, or 10 years from now – that person will walk into our life. That’s why it’s important to keep believing in love even when it’s hard to do so.
Some of you reading this may think that I’m being boyishly naïve…fair enough. However this is who I am and who I’ve always been. As an adolescent I remember absolutely falling in love with the story of “Romeo and Juliet” (we read it in 8th grade literature class) and I was absolutely captivated at the possibilities of a love that powerful, that meant-to-be, that magical. Now of course I knew it was fiction but I’ve always felt that life imitates art. That type of love does exist in real life; it's just that so few people are fortunate enough to experience it because they don’t allow themselves to believe in it. Quite simply, I believe that that type of love is more real than we allow ourselves to believe. There is a powerful song entitled "Entwined" by Jason Reeves. It's my favorite love song of all time. It really speaks to the amazingly powerful emotions of true, uninhibited love. Just imagine being able to experience, and to let yourself experience, something that is beyond description...something that so few people ever get to experience. How can one not believe in that?

There's something inescapably romantic about being a part of something greater than oneself...and I think that's the essence of what true love really is. It’s like taking a leap of faith...surrendering yourself to a power that is greater than anything known to us here on earth.  So if you’re someone who has recently experienced heartbreak…or even if the heartbreak has not been recent but is still affecting your belief in love, heed the words of the late writer Peter McWilliams: “It is a risk to love? Sure. After all, what if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does?”

Thursday, March 8, 2012


'We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are..."

It’s always fascinated me how reality differs depending on one’s perspective…
How my view of a person, a situation, or an event can be perfectly clear to me

Yet seemingly just as perfectly clear – albeit completely different- to another
When we talk to another person about the person or situation it’s as if
we are looking through two different windows yet with the same view…
I suppose that it’s rather that the window is the same
but it’s actually the view that’s different…

It’s as if each of us creates a different reality
a different way in which we make sense of the world we notice
in how we process what we see, hear, and feel


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Dreams May Come...

Dreams are sometimes so vivid...
Is what we think of as a dream real, or is what we think of as reality in fact a dream?
Is "real" even a real word?
Do words even exist outside of our imagination?
Does sleep occur when we're closing our eyes at night?
Or rather, when we're opening our eyes in the morning...?
I wonder...
I believe in love like love believes in love...abstract like oxygen and drifting clouds
I love experiencing it...embracing lets us know we're alive
And I've learned that i'm not scared to be alive
These days too many people are
We are growing up too quickly
Maybe someday I’ll start to
Maybe not... 
I like to write because it feels like breathing....
It's a way of connecting with my soul
I sometimes wish my words could be carried on wind
Traveling to every point in the universe 
Lost in translation
Other times I want them to remain mine and mine alone...
These are my feelings today
They may be different tommorow
Yet still the same...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Thoughts in Appreciation of Life...

I love the color of a rainbow as it's shining through the rain...
I love the sound of a bird when it is singing just before dark...
I marvel at the amazing colors of the evening sky - Mother Nature painting her masterpiece...
I can appreciate life's tears, broken hearts, smiles, contentment...
I love seeing flashes of the "big picture" in the middle of confusion...
I find peace in the color of autumn leaves, the scents of spring flowers, and the fireflies of the summer nights...
I recognize more than ever that it's the little things that make up the big things...
Vivid is the perfect way to describe life...our beautiful, wonderful, ordinary life...
I love peering into the horizon not knowing where the road will take me, yet looking forward to the journey...
To be honest...I wouldn’t trade "not knowing" for anything else...
I love life...and I intend to live it with a purpose...