Monday, April 30, 2012

Do Some Couples "Miss Their Moment"?

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“Some things are destined to be -- it just takes us a couple of tries
to get there.”
 ~J.R. Ward

I was watching a television show Sunday afternoon in which one of the characters was explaining why her and her ex never got married despite being seemingly perfect for one another. She said that, in essence, they "missed their moment". According to the character, every couple has a specific time frame...a moment where they can either catch fire or fizzle out...a moment in which the stars are aligned. If they miss that window, it's almost impossible for the stars to align the right way again. Such couples have missed their moment.

This was very thought provoking to me, as I am a big believer in fate, destiny, and serendipity. To me, if two people are truly meant to be together, the stars will re-align themselves again and again and again if that's what their destiny has in store. But then again, maybe that's just my idealized vision of love.

What do you think? Do some couples miss their moment? Or can fate overcome that? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking a Hike

The view from the west pinnacle

Saturday morning it was rainy, overcast, and foggy...the perfect day to take a nature hike! I like to hike in this area called "The Pinnacles" in Berea. It's a 3 1/2 mile hiking path that gradually ascends to some of the most spectacular scenery in Kentucky. What made Saturday even better is that I knew hardly anyone would be there. For some reason, people don't like to hike in the rain. It should come as a surprise to none of my regular readers that I actually find that to be the most beautiful time to hike.

When I first entered the base of The Pinnacles, I was greeted by a very rambunctious yellow lab mix. I named him Socrates haha. He followed me literally everywhere...traveling step by step beside me on the entire 3 hour journey! He did concern me a couple of times by getting perilously close to the edge of some of the cliffs, but I'm sure he is a seasoned hiker.

The hike was simply amazing. The forest was was a very rich and lush green color throughout. The fog made the scenery absolutely breathtaking. It not only hovered in the tops of the pinnacles, but it also nestled in the lowland valleys, creating a view that I don't think I've ever experienced before. The sound of the raindrops hitting the treetops was something to behold as well. The fact that the birds were also singing at the top of their lungs made this experience every bit as powerful to the ears as it was to the eyes.

The hike cleared my senses and put me in an incredibly good mood for the rest of the day. Do you get a chance to nature hike very often? If so, what type of area do you hike to?

Here are some more pictures from Saturday's hike:

The fog added to the beauty in ways that I can't even begin to describe

I sat down and enjoyed this particular view for about 30 minutes

My new hiking buddy :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Should Have Named my Cat 'Dexter' (Repost)

    Meet Ruby...evil cloaked in cuteness
I wrote this last July during the infancy stages of my blog. I decided to share the story again because, well, cats are funny :)
I am a little worried about Ruby, my cat. She is a seemingly normal creature who has lately been exhibiting a “dark” side.  About a month ago I was walking downstairs to fix some breakfast prior to getting ready for work when I glanced something out of the corner of my eye in front of the door that leads to the back deck. Upon closer inspection, it was a dead mouse that had been murdered. I quickly narrowed the suspect pool to one...Ruby. She had motive, means, and opportunity. Add to that the fact that she had no alibi and it became painfully obvious that she was the perpetrator.

Although I was thankful to Ruby for making me aware that there was a mouse in the house, I was nonetheless concerned because she had never previously exhibited homicidal tendencies. In fact, aside from the occasional psychotic moment that all cats have (chasing imaginary objects, randomly pouncing on your leg as you walk by, running sideways through the living room for no apparent reason, etc.) she was actually quite docile.
Perhaps she simply thought it was a toy, I thought to myself. After all, several of her toys are “toy mice”. She probably just thought this was a toy that had suddenly sprung to life! Surely my little Ruby Sue would not intentionally kill another creature. After all, I had instilled morals in her from a very young age. Unfortunately, last week, it happened again. This time her handiwork was in the living room in front of the entertainment center. The body of the mouse exhibited signs of significant trauma to the head area…the amateur criminal profiler in me felt that this clearly demonstrated that the killer (ahem, Ruby) had enjoyed themselves. I had classified her first kill as an “accident”...or at the very most a “crime of passion”. However I was beginning to believe that she was now a cold-blooded murderer, having concealed these homicidal instincts from me the entire time I have had her!
Ruby's second victim...
Criminologists generally agree that the threshold to be considered a serial killer is three victims. It concerns me that Ruby is merely one kill away from being lumped into the same category as John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Jeffery Dahmer. Is Ruby truly a psychopath? Is the sweet purring that she greets me with upon arriving home from work every day merely a facade? Merely a mask that cloaks the true monster within? With one more kill I will be forced to accept the hard truth…that Ruby is a cold-blooded psychopath willing to drain the life from another living creature without any apparent remorse.

On the plus side though, isn't she cute?!