Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Man in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror....

I see a man who has come a long way, but still has a long way to go.

I see a man who wants to always do the right thing, but doesn't always do the right thing.

I see a man who is full of flaws, but would never wish to be flawless.

I see a facial scar that has been there for six years, long enough to become a part of me that I don't think I could ever let it go. 

I see a pair of eyes that yearn to see the world, but have not seen near enough of it yet.
I see a man who has had several lessons in humility, and they're the best lessons he's ever received

I see someone who may fail at things, but never through lack of trying.
I see a man who has a lot to be thankful for and strives to keep everything in perspective.
I see a man who would rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished.

I see a man who makes many mistakes each day, but strives to learn from each one.

I see a man who would help anyone, but sometimes needs to also help himself.

I see a man who loves to give, but knows in his heart that he could give more.

I see a man who sees his grandfather in his eyes, and who misses those wise eyes every single day.

I see a man that I wouldn't have recognized five years ago, and one that I will not recognize five years from now.

What about you? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Please share an example or two.


  1. I see a woman who loves
    I see a woman who wanted above all to help
    I see a woman who forgot she was also deserving
    I see a woman who broke
    Because she forgot that she is also worthy of Love

  2. Oh I love this.... I always think something else when I look in the mirror for the most part I like who is looking back as she tries her best and even though she may not always succeed in what she needs to say and do she never gives up trying to be the best she can be and trying to share the joy that comes with that while still holding on to who she is..
    Oh Lorraine HUGS. You sure stir emotions Keith:) B

  3. When I look in the mirror I see an old face with the young girl still behind it.

  4. I see my mother looking back at me. It's always a shocking view~~I feel 35 but am always surprised at the older person reflected there...

  5. Great post.
    When I look in the mirror, I see a person much changed by the pain of the past few years, yet who is thankful for lessons learned. I see someone who is growing and changing in a good way.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  6. When I look in the mirror I see.....

    Someone whose world would seem to be shrinking, but who is learning to see the universe in a grain of sand.
    Someone who hurts but keeps on trying.
    Someone who hasn't forgotten how to laugh, and is unafraid to do so out loud.
    Someone who has realised that pride is a threadbare cloak, but love and friendship will always keep you warm.
    Someone who still struggles with feeling unworthy at times.
    Someone who has had to learn how to ask for help and receive it humbly and gracefully.
    Someone who loves, and gives, fiercely.
    Someone who still has so much to learn, and rejoices in the learning.

    Thank you Keith.

  7. When I look in I see the cat staring behind me wanting to play, what? not literal?

  8. I see a man..............................

  9. I see a girl who struggles violently to accept the things she cannot change.

  10. Excellent post Keith.

    When I look in the mirror I see a woman who has lived through many sad happenings but is very happy to be alive.

    I now see my mother's face when i look in the mirror.

  11. I see someone who quit smoking 8 weeks ago today :)

  12. I see an old man who hasn't quite adjusted to his age and with signs that he has lived a life.

  13. I see a woman who still has a lot to learn.

  14. I see someone who's body is crippled but whose mind is active.
    I see someone noone else sees because of the mask I wear at all times.
    I see an adventurer in chains.
    I see someone who appreciates your blog and your thought provoking questions. Thanks for being here.

  15. Keith, you are an amazing guy and you always give us healthy food for thought.

    When I look in the mirror:
    I see a friend looking back at me.
    I see a daughter, sister, cousin, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother.
    I see a woman who is grateful.
    I see a mature woman with older skin and younger soul.
    I see a woman with thin hair and missing teeth.
    I see a woman wearing glasses.
    I see a woman with countless gifts.
    I see a woman with deep love for her family and friends.
    I see a compassionate woman.
    I see a wiser woman.
    I see a strong woman.
    I see a woman who had lot to learn.
    I see a woman who is thirsty for understanding how marvellously she is created and how she can learn to heal herself.
    I see a woman who is full of gratitude, hope and patience.
    I see a third stage breast cancer 10 years survivor.
    I see an unfinished creation.
    I also see a woman who is sinful, flawed and imperfect.
    I see a woman who needs healing.
    I see a woman who believes in God.

    Thanks Keith. I haven't looked in the mirror quite like this before.

  16. When I look in the mirror, I wonder....
    Jeez-a-Lou! I thought I had plucked all those nose hairs!

  17. This is beautiful Keith. Lately I've been seeing bits of my mother in me. I don't look in the mirror nearly long enough!

  18. contemplative. it's a beautiful way to get to know ourselves more. love this Ketih! When i look at the mirror i see a girl who, first of all, is honest to herself, flawed, not perfect, braver, and is learning.

  19. When I look in the mirror
    I see a person who has lived
    I see a person who has loved
    I see a person who has tried her best
    but sometimes has experienced failure
    I see my mother
    I see a playful child
    I see one who loves to laugh
    I see one who hesitates to cry
    I see a deep well
    I see one who searches
    I see a dreamer
    I see a poet
    I see someone that God loves.

    Cool question today, Keith!

  20. Keith, this gave me goose bumps. So powerful. When I look in the mirror I see a now older woman who is still becoming the person she is meant to be.

  21. I see a woman who still acts like a little girl.
    I see a woman who wants to help the world but doesn't know if she can.
    I see a person with a crap-ton of love to share.

  22. I see someone smarter than I was in my youth
    but not smart enough to teach those same lessons to my kids.

  23. I see a stranger I would like to get to know.
    I see someone with many faults.
    I see someone who longs to love...if she could only let go of past hurt and relearn how to trust...

  24. i see shades of my older sisters and my mother. i see wounded. searching.

  25. This post reveals your honesty and sensitivity, which is as admirable as it is refreshing. Upon reading some of the comments, it's obvious that women are able to talk more freely about their feelings than men.

    When I look in a mirror I see a more worn and weathered version of the same person that I always was - - and hopefully a wiser one.

  26. I see a woman who has learned to love what she sees in the mirror.

  27. When I look in the mirror I see my Mom's face.
    I see a grandmother who is a lot wiser than she was as a mother.
    I see someone who after 70 is still growing and changing.
    I see someone who loves God and her family.
    I see someone I like better than I used to like me.
    I see a woman who has learned to forgive.

  28. I love this post! I learned a lot about you in this one. I have to say, when I look in the mirror lately I see a girl who is going after her dreams and that makes me so happy. I see a girl who has a renewed sense of motivation and is ready to go out and take the world :)

  29. that's a lovely piece of writing! x

  30. Oh, this one made me think! Some days I see a mama who wants to just stay home with her sweet baby girl. Other days this mama can't get to work fast enough. I see a mama who wants to get out of debt badly enough to consider a second job (which greatly conflicts with staying home). I also see a person who has come to accept themselves just as they are for why change who I am now? Nor would I change how I got here, because I am truly happy with who I am.

  31. I see someone who has been too stressed out lately - who would love to take a break. Someone who is older than she feels. Someone who is generally pretty happy with where she is and where she's been, but has so far to go.

  32. this is an awesome post. i love it. thanks for being so honest.

  33. When I look in the mirror I see eyes that are brighter now than they've ever been.

  34. I see a woman trying to trust others again. I see a woman fascinated with nature. I see a girl depending on God more and more. A woman full of faults, but growing. And learning to forgive herself and others.

  35. Old age carves rivulets on my face and neck...

  36. I think that's me you see in the mirror!

  37. I see my mother, and it makes me smile.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  38. i can echo a lot of your words in my regards...hopefully i still have a long way to go...i have fought through some which i see in the lines and scars on my face...i see wisdom that comes with experience...which is not always the best teacher...but....smile.

  39. I see a woman who's walking a path, trying to figure out where it's going.

    I see a woman who's doing her best to make the world a better place.

  40. Reality ... faded, wrinkled, sparkly eyes with life left, thinning hair, always asking why...

  41. Cool introspective post Keith. I identified with many of your thoughts. What came to mind most significantly for me is that I am not the person I was, and I am not yet the fully the person I want to be, but I will love me as I am on my own continuum of healing, change and growth.

  42. When I read what you wrote, I see a magnificent human being in you! I may put my answer in an upcoming blog post. So I'll go for short right. When I look in the mirror, I see someone who makes me smile!


  43. Keith, you're in danger of becoming my role model! There's so much honesty and integrity in this post and I can identify with a lot of these statements.
    I see someone who sometimes struggles to fulfil the high expectations and responsibilities people place on her shoulders, but who keeps trying anyway. I see grey hairs and a tired face which looks much better with a smile on it. I also see a mischievous child...well, you've got to have fun, haven't you? :)

  44. I wonder how I can look old but still feel like a kid inside. : )

  45. Awesome post today! Beautiful piece of writing!

  46. Love this! I see a girl who achieved some things but wants to achieve a lot more. I see a girl who has lots of dreams.

  47. I like what you wrote and said today. And I look into a mirror sometimes - sometimes I will be gentle with that person and sometimes I wonder who she is....

  48. I see a woman that is constantly changing. My body has changed from my children, my hair is thinning, and fine lines are starting to show. I see a happy woman who is embracing all these changes because they are signs of a life well lived.

  49. I see a woman who trusts but doesn't trust
    I see a woman who loves but is afraid to love again
    I see a woman who forgives, endlessly
    I see a woman who is determined
    I see a woman who is flawed and I wonder if I will ever see past that sometimes..

    Wow, I didn't realize how I could go on... I love your list/letter... it's good to write the good things about ourselves and see where and how much we've grown... :)

  50. I see a woman who wonders where the years went but who wouldn't go back for anything. I see a woman who still laughs at the gray hair and lines. I see a little more wisdom than I used to see but not nearly enough.

    You got us pondering and sharing today. Thanks, Keith!

  51. That is a good list of things to see in the mirror, Keith.

    I see a woman who stands up for what she believes in, and a woman who always speaks the truth. And mostly I see a woman who still has years to learn.

    I miss my dad's wise eyes too. I was only 28 when he died.


  52. I see a woman dealing with health issues while trying to pretend they're not back. I also see a fortunate mother blessed with three hard working, respectable, loving and thoughtful (until the footie's on the telly!) children.

    I too, would rather be honestly blemished...........

  53. Sometimes I think, "Wow I wish those bags would go away." I've always had them from allergies, even when I was a kid.

    I'm also in a hurry, so I try and rush the mirror experience. Not because I hate myself. It's just that I'm always busy. Especially in the morning.

  54. What a terrific, thought-provoking post this is!

  55. I see all the years that have passed, all the experience I've gained, and the serenity I strive for.

  56. You always come up with incredible thought-provoking posts! I have to select one from the list because I seem to do it every morning and evening and throughout the day

    I see a man who has a lot to be thankful for and strives to keep everything in perspective.

    I don't know why but I have to constantly put things in perspective.

    Thank you for making me think again and be grateful.

  57. I had a shock a few years ago. I was in bed reading. There's a mirror at the foot of the bed. I happened to look in the mirror and I was shocked as I saw Dad! I could only see my forehead and it was exactly like Dad.

  58. I see a shadow of the woman I used to see in the mirror.
    I see a woman who wants more than she knows she will ever have.
    I see fat over the thin I want to see. I see sad eyes.
    I see a woman who loves unconditionally, yet never sees it in return.
    I see someone who never gives up hoping.
    I see my granddaughter because she has my eyes and I smile.
    I see a woman with a wall too tall to climb over.
    I see that young girl who wanted everything, and got none of it.
    I see a hard life, but I still see that ray of hope.
    I see the smile, laugh, and sunshine hiding behind those eyes.
    I see a woman who was blessed with a second chance at life.
    I see someone who looks back at me with a why? in her eyes.
    I see me. I don't particularly like who I see., But I still hope.

  59. I am starting to see my mother when I look in the mirror. It is kind of scary.. Great post! Enjoy your week ahead!

  60. I see a good woman
    I see a crafty woman
    I see a caring woman
    I see a good mom, wife, sister and daughter

    I also have self esteem issues at times I don't like what I see on the mirror I guess depending on the mood. I am trying to change that.

  61. I see a girl who followed her dreams, and finally got there. Took longer then I wanted. But, am glad I took the detour - made me grow up a lot.

  62. It is so very uncanny to see your mother in yourself. The looks, the look, the movements, the tone...

  63. I see a girl that's come a long way, a woman that continues to grow while proud of the scars she carries within.

  64. Love this post and love your answers. When I look in the mirror I see an honest woman, a good listener, and one who can't realize she is as old as she is. Also a woman who likes for her sunglasses and socks to match.

  65. I see the reflection of a Jack Russell dog. The epitome of unconditional, non-judgemental love.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  66. I see big bright eyes! Eager to win the world! :D

  67. Enjoyed reading your words. It was wonderful. When i see the mirror i see me image who is good enough to handle the family in a good way!

  68. Oh my gosh, Keith. This was beautiful. So much reflection and thought. Right up my alley! I really loved several lines. Especially about having to help yourself sometimes and being honestly blemished.

  69. I see attentive and tired eyes
    I see someone I do not recognize...

  70. Beautiful post Keith and what an honest study. I loved "rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished". My thoughts exactly.
    I also see someone who sees humor in most everything so the maze of lines etched in my face are less from stress than from laughter. For that I am grateful.

  71. Love this! It's amazing how we change over time. Goodness, five years ago I was brand new to Florida and so excited to be in the warm weather. I think I might have been stronger then, physically, but I was so much less patient. When I look in the mirror now, I see a woman who has discovered which battles are worth fighting, and the importance of patience with all people--not just children.

  72. This is wonderful, Keith. When I look in the mirror I see a woman at peace. Finally!!! And the key to that is forgiveness. There is no peace without forgiveness. Forgiveness of others, and mostly yourself. The authentic self requires it. Love and peace to you. Aloha

  73. Nicely put! There’s a line which reminded of Shakespeare’s Olivia when she inventoried her beauty items: two grey eyes, with lids to them… Guilty, Shakespeare’s allusions pop up on their own.
    And the one about your grandfather is something invaluable, I’d like to thank you for that. Following the model, I see my grandma’s nose she used to describe as duckling’s.
    What I love is looking in the mirror in museums which used to be someone’s homes. They say, the host remains in the mirror and it gave me a creepy feeling when I looked in them in Freud's museum in Vienna or Napoleon III Apartments in Louvre.

  74. What poetic beauty!! Thank you for sharing today. It sounds like you are most happy with that man in the mirror.... and that's a good thing. Makes for a much happier world in general.

    God bless~ Andrea

  75. I see all that I can be that I haven't found a moment to be yet!
    Lovely post.

  76. I see a man who would rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished.

    This is a really good one...

  77. Amazing introspection Keith, thank you.

    I see eyes that open to the universe. I see laughter evidence. I see myself enjoying aging.

    I see connection with your extraordinary courage.

  78. I really like how you put that.

    I see a woman who has made it through some very hard days.

  79. excuse me while I say this is so good! very compelling. and what I see is someone on torn paths, everyday. but everyday at least has an ending :)

  80. I see a man who has an open heart ..this is beautiful..

    I see a woman who travels the road of a dreamer
    I see a woman who feels emotions deep inside her soul

  81. Sorry about the loss of your granddad, Keith.

    When I look in the mirror, I see freckles. A ton on the apples of my cheeks. And a baby cowlick on the left side.

  82. I love your post. I always love your posts...you're always so very honest.

    When I look in the mirror...I don't. I hate looking in the mirror.
    But if I did, I would see,
    Mostly my mother, some of my father.
    A little of my two grandmothers, who I loved so much.
    Otherwise, just someone who has fallen and has had a little trouble getting up this time.

  83. Hi Keith - what a great write up .. and one we could all aspire to .. and I hope I do. In the last decade or so I've learnt so much from elderly relatives .. and quite often see foibles or characteristics of my parents in the three of us.

    When I look in the mirror - well now that's not really to be disclosed! Cheers Hilary

  84. Wonderful words - whatever I see, I see a happier person than I saw in the past, and that's good enough for me.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  85. I see a woma who work so much and sometimes is tired but still all days wake up happy and give thsnks to God.But especially I see in my eyes that little girl I was still livr in me especially when I laugh!!

  86. I see this old, tired woman looking back at me. Who IS that! LOL

    Great post. Seriously. I love it! You need to publish this in a anthology or something.

    'I see a man who would rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished.' That's a money line if I ever read one.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  87. Lovely post indeed. Each line is a gem. My respects to you

    When I see myself in a mirror I still see my thirty something self. LOL When I turn all the four lights above the mirror and tilt my head a little then I see my sixty four year old self. Go figure.

  88. beautiful post Keith-since I am the oldest when I look in the mirror-especially now that I am aging-I see my Mom looking back at me-a scarey thing for sure

  89. Such a wonderful post! Loved this one: I see a man who would rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished.

    I couldn't agree more! Our real beauty lies in our imperfections.

  90. what beautiful words...I cannot wait to share with my men..so touching! I see a woman who has learned to live with how things are and aren't and that both can be so good!

  91. I see who I want to see ~ the habit
    I see what I want to improve
    I read in my reflection of foreign mirror how I feel in the particular environment
    ~ Thanks for stopping by :)x

  92. I see a woman mature in her Faith, with inner peace and a many roads to travel before they take away the keys. ...miss you on F B.

  93. Very contemplative post, Keith.
    What do I see?
    Well, I see someone I have gotten to like and gotten to know.
    I see my mother, father, grandmother, brothers, and sisters.
    And I see a fellow who has not stopped searching for peace and accepting the things he can not change.

  94. It changes daily! Sometimes I see a younger me, sometimes older, sometimes I see my mother or grandmother....

  95. Wow Keith, I really, really love this post! I'd love to do one myself if I have some time to sit and reflect. When I look in the mirror, I see a kind soul, sensitive and very loving, loyal and open, a Mom above all, someone always striving to make the world a better place. I'm hoping to come back here later and read all the comments......

  96. Beautiful post! When I look in the mirror, I see a gal who needs to get back to the things that make her happiest.

    And to that effect, thanks for popping by my old haunt today - I set a date, and I'll be back at it April 1st!

  97. I'm very amazed by how much you opened up in this post. So wonderful!
    When I look in the mirror I see a woman who struggles to keep up with everything, because her perfectionism is often getting the best of her. But I also see a woman that has come a long way and who learns every day how to make it the best day of her life.

  98. I see a woman who, although has been through much, still manages to be optimistic.

  99. I think this is my favorite post from you, Keith. What a great question and one that I have never thought of before. I loved what you wrote. My first thought when you asked the questions at the end is that I used to avoid looking in mirrors for longer than a few seconds, but I don't anymore.

    Now what I see depends on the day. Sometimes I see a woman with a sparkle in her eyes because of the dreams that she has for her future and the love that she has for the life she's living now. Other days I see a woman with eyes tired from all of the work she's doing. Sometimes I see red cheeks and hair that doesn't behave. Most of the time I see a woman who is different than she was just a few years ago; happier and more confidant. Sometimes the happiness and confidence waivers.

  100. Wow awesome post. When I see myself in the mirror I see a person who can be kind and gentle and sometimes been mistreated (or feels she has) by some of her friends and family.

  101. Talk about synchronicity, my column for this coming Sunday's paper (I sent it in yesterday morning) is about my face in the mirror.
    I took a totally different angle, but it's interesting we had the same thought at practically the same time.

  102. I see right straight into my soul. All my doubts, my fears, my drama- every emotion...it all reflects back at me. My best days are when I can smile at my own reflection for a brief second and turn away from the mirror to focus on my family and the world around me.

  103. this was so beautiful first of all---i sometimes do not recognize myself and i see time passing quickly and a friend :)

  104. I see someone who looks better in his imagination than in reality...:)

  105. I see myself getting better everyday. I've seen my mistakes and try to learn and grow better.
    I see a smiley face, a happiness within. Great post, Keith

  106. I see a grumpy old woman who is trying her best to put a good face on life. But rarely succeeding.

    As for you: I see a man who likes himself. Have I got that right?

  107. Will I always face you!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  108. It's inspirational that someone as young as you are is so self-aware.

    Me? When I look in the mirror, I see my grandmother looking back at me. It's actually rather disconcerting. I still feel young on the inside, but my reflection reminds me that there are many more days behind me than there are in front of me.

  109. I see a woman excited about the future. I would never have believed it in my twenties, but life really does being at 40!

  110. I used to see myself when I looked in the mirror, but these past few years, some old, fat woman keeps jumping in front of me and blocking my view. I don't know who she is, but she even had the nerve to jump in front of the camera and get on my driver's license photo. Some people have so much nerve!


  111. Someone who evolves and one who is resilient.

  112. I see someone who is happy in her skin. ♥

  113. I see someone who's nervous to take on the world but never afraid.
    I see someone who laughs at mistakes and giggles at the unknown.

    By the way, I loved this line: "I see a man who would rather be honestly blemished than dishonestly polished."


  114. When I look in the mirror I see a hungry skeleton.

  115. What an honest and beautiful piece!
    It depends so much on my mood what I see in the mirror, and I am surprised at how wildly it can vary these days! But at least on the high-anxiety days I can tell myself that this will pass again as it always does.

  116. Beautiful self reflection you have posted.
    When I look into my soul theses days I am much more satisfied ~
    than when I look into the mirror .

  117. i try not to look at the mirror because i dont usually like what i see there, but i look within me and see a content, joy-seeking woman.

  118. Wow, Keith, this was beautifully written....
    A very powerful excercise indeed.
    - Irina

  119. Love this.

    When I look in the mirror I see someone who's so far from what she once was, but not yet what she's going to be.

  120. i see a woman who is not where she thought she would be an this age. childless. but i am married. happy but could be happier. wants to travel more but need to figure out how to work part time but make lots??! wishing for a close friend. someone to lean on. the hubby works a lot & stress is every where. we need time away. ( :

  121. Beautiful post, Keith. I see many people when I look in the mirror. Least of all perfection...

  122. This is nice, Keith. It sounds like a poem to me, or poetic prose. So introspective. I think we can be our worst critics sometimes. Or overachievers. If we could just be content, would we feel more fulfilled, happier? It's good to chase dreams while also trying to appreciate what we already have. It's good to be giving while not neglecting ourselves in the process. When I look in the mirror, I see a work in progress. :)

  123. There are things that reflect on the mirror, things that I would like to change. But on 2nd thought, I guess I should go with it, 'cause if those things didn't happen in the first place, I wouldn't have learnt the lessons of life :-)

  124. I see a chick that needs to go on a diet. (All sarcasm aside this is beautifully written).

  125. This piece is the most beautiful piece I've read from you.
    Like looking in the mirror and recognizing the person, when a while ago it was such a strange thing, Like you understand who you're becoming.
    Exceptionally beautiful piece. I'm saving this one.

  126. Thoughtful post. I see a person who has grown in ways I could not ever imagined. I see a person who has been unwell and has healed. I see a person with hopes and dreams and the will to succeed.

  127. I see my mother starting to stare back at me.
    I see someone who loves, is loved, and is blessed beyond measure.
    I see someone who is always striving to be a better person.
    I see a child of our Heavenly Father.

    Great post, Keith...

  128. So beautiful, Keith.

    I see the same dark eyes, but the gaze is softer and more compassive, in particular, when I look at myself.
    I see that I am getting older, but it suits me better than I thought... there is a kind of serenity in me now that I like very much.
    I see a woman that is learning to stay in the present and to appreciate what she sees, even when it is not what she expected.
    I see some joy and the path behind me... but also the path in front of me

  129. Keith, you are such a beautiful man. I really admire you for everything you stand for.

    Myself? I see a woman who is still learning, still trying to overcome fears, still grateful for everything that has been given to her, still in awe of all the blessings that have come her way. And I still have a long way to go.

  130. KEITH... W/O/W! :D Wonderful poem; and even more wonderful news! I just read the engagement post (so behind... so busy! I wish I could read them all!) I am SO HAPPY for you both! I have read your blog for so long and repeatedly thought of what a fine man you are... and wondered how it is that you could be single! It just isn't right! ;) How happy I am for you to be so in love and to have such a dear woman to be your companion through life! I visited her blog. She is lovely! You are both beautiful and I'm so happy for you both!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Corine :D