Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautifully Powerful and Powerfully Beautiful

We had some incredible storms in Central Kentucky this past weekend. Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were full of thunder and intense lightning. 

As crazy as it may sound, I've always loved storms. As long as nobody is hurt of course! I've just always been fascinated by them, enamored by them, and captivated by them. In fact, they are my favorite thing about summer. 

Thunderstorms themselves are a unique form of beauty. They are so incredibly powerful and incredibly beautiful at the same time. I love how the rumbling of far-off thunder becomes louder as it gradually moves closer. And I love the way a summer night can become illuminated with all that magnificent lightning.

They also have a very calming effect on me. I sleep like a baby whenever it is storming. In fact, I have an app on my phone which mimics the sound of a far-off thunderstorm and I use it to help me sleep every single night.

The same cannot be said about my cat Ruby, however. The sound of thunder sets her eyes darting about and usually has her scampering under the blankets for shelter. What a wuss!! 

Do you get many thunderstorms where you live? Do you enjoy thunderstorms? Fear them? Ambivalent toward them?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Enjoying the Precious Present

“Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour.”  ~ Walt Whitman

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future… and by a lot I mean A LOT. Looking forward to things, counting down to things (Only 155 days til Christmas!), etc. I have so many things I want to accomplish and places that I want to go. I get so excited just thinking of these things.

However there is a down side to this. By spending so much time thinking about the future, I sometimes neglect the “present”. Sometimes there is so much beauty in simply embracing the “now”…living it and breathing it and feeling it.

Why is it that we spend so much time in the future or in the past? Why do we neglect the present moment? We are breathing the air of this very moment, but are we really inhaling it? We are living in this very moment, but are we truly alive

We are not promised next year, next month, next week, or even the next day. We should never take the precious time that we are given for granted by focusing our energy on the time we may never even have. 
Do you think it's human nature to neglect the present? Do you allow yourself to embrace the “here and now”?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


“A cat will be your friend, but never your slave” ~Theophile Gautier

Prior to 2009, I had considered myself a “dog person”. It’s not that I disliked cats. Quite the contrary actually. It’s just that most of the pets I had throughout my life had been dogs. Then, on December 29th of 2009, that changed.

That afternoon, I was at the local animal shelter looking at puppies when I saw a sign on the bulletin board there that said “free kittens”. There was a number attached and I decided to call it. A kind old lady answered and told me to swing on by and at least look at them.
Once I arrived, she led me to the garage where she had two calico kittens and two gray tabbys. I immediately focused on what I thought was the “cuter” of the gray tabbys. I picked that one out and was heading to the door when I noticed the other gray tabby would not leave my side. Suddenly, the one I was holding jumped from my arms and ran under the couch. The other gray tabby (the runt of the bunch – she basically looked like a rat) looked up at me with eyes that seemed to say “pick me!!”.
Of course I wasn't able to resist that look, so I took it as a sign that I was supposed to pick that one. And here, 4 1/2 years later, Ruby is all grown up and I love her to death. I don’t think I’ve ever loved any pet as much as her! Don’t get me wrong – she’s not without issues. She is nuts, anxiety-prone, and clinically insane. But she’s my Ruby and that’s what matters :)

Do you have any pets? What do your pets mean to you?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My All-Time Favorite Song

I am going on vacation tomorrow and I will be gone for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to post today about a song that I have fallen deeply in love with over the past year.

Over the course of my life, there have been hundreds of songs that have deeply moved me and resonated with me. I have never been able to say that one particular song is my favorite though...until now. 

"The Scientist" by Coldplay is the most amazing, deep, and poetic song I've ever heard.

I first started listening to Coldplay on a regular basis last spring (I know I know, I was 10 years late to the party) and this song quickly became a song that I simply could not stop listening to. I decided to read more about the song and learned that it was inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1846 short story The Birthmark. 

The Birthmark tells the tale of a scientist named Aylmer, who was married to a woman named Georgiana. Aylmer became obsessed with removing what he saw as Georgiana's one physical imperfection - a birthmark on her cheek. He develops a liquid treatment for her to drink that he thinks will dissolve her birthmark. Sadly, the treatment kills her and he is left to live a life of regret; regret for being so scientific in his thinking that he ultimately lost his one true love (the entire second verse of the song speaks of his regret).

Sad, poetic, and poignant. It's simply remarkable. 

I encourage you click the play button above and take 5 minutes of your time to listen to this amazing song. 

What's your favorite song of all-time?