Saturday, October 29, 2016

True Friendship

"Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer" - Jean de La fontaine

One of the most valuable things in life, and sometimes one of the most under-appreciated, is true friendship. 

The kind of friendship that is genuine, selfless, and real. 

Throughout our lives we meet hundreds if not thousands of people who become acquaintances. Casual friendships. But, over the course of our lives, I think we can count the number of true genuine friendships on one hand.

And when you find a true friendship like that, I think you hold onto it forever. I think you cherish it. Nurture it. Appreciate it.  For it is every bit as valuable as anything you'll ever find.

Everybody is familiar with the concept of soul mates. But I also think we have "soul friends". Those people who were meant to come into our our lives. The type of friendships that can only be described as feeling like "home".

There something refreshing about being able to be your true genuine self with somebody. Free from judgment. Free from the veneer and the fa├žade that casual acquaintances see.

Let's face it, sometimes in life we need to be humble enough to allow ourselves to lean on someone. And it is those true friendships that sustain us through those rough and rocky times that life can often present us with. 

So here's to true friendship. May we all appreciate it when we find it, and hold onto it - for true friendship is everlasting

What are your thoughts on the importance of friendship in our lives?