Saturday, May 21, 2016

The abnormality of normality


What does that word even mean? 

What is a normal person? A normal day? A normal job? A normal problem? Etc?

That term has always baffled me, to be quite honest. 

If there is such an identifiable concept as normality, I certainly do not fit the criteria (nor would I want to). 

We all have our personal quirks that qualify us as abnormal. 

I for one love winter far more than summer. 

I begin counting down to Christmas beginning in late spring. 

I have been known to go an entire day eating nothing but sweets. 

I used to have heart to heart talks with my cat

I tend to make even the most normal conversation incredibly awkward. 

I will not read a book if I do not like the geographical setting in which it takes place

I prefer rain to sun

I once locked my keys in my car twice on the same day 

​Just a few examples of my little oddities. We all have them...I hope

I have also often said that if a person is not at least a little weird, then we cannot be friends. Normal, if there is such a thing, is boring as hell. 

Is there such a thing as "normal"?

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Beauty of Giving

This is one of the most powerful quotes that I have ever seen. The truth of this quote really speaks volumes. 


Performing acts of kindness

Doing something for others

When you make the decision to reach out and be kind to those who could never possibly repay you, you experience the absolute true beauty of giving, and what it can bring. Doing something kind for another person can change their day, or in some cases, their life. 

When you do something kind for someone, you could be making more of an impact than you realize. You could be doing something for someone who, unbeknownst to you, had been having a terrible day up until that point, or had been feeling really down about life as of late. And due to your act of kindness, you suddenly give them hope without even realizing it. 

That is the beauty of it. You can literally change the way a person looks at the world.

Yes, receiving can be wonderful. We are not selfish when we enjoy receiving. But absolutely nothing compares to the joy of giving. It is the most rewarding feeling in the world. 

Ironically, by giving, you are receiving. You just do not realize it yet...

What sort of feeling do you get when you give?