Friday, March 2, 2018

The Possibility of Magic vs the Certainty of the Mundane.

I tend to romanticize everything. I always have, and more than likely, always will. Heart over head. Heart wins, every time. I am unapologetically passionate. That passion drives me. Last year, someone told me that I needed to "get my head out of the clouds". What they did not realize is that I would have no ability to come down from those clouds. I am unable to

But, not only am I unable to, I am also unwilling to. My head will always be in the clouds. That is where I feel alive. Would life be less complicated sometimes if I were more practical? Of course it would. I do not deny that. Would life be "safer" if I learned to allow my head to take precedence over my heart? Certainly. Would life hold less potential for heartache if we cloak our heart in protection? Without a doubt. I concede all of these points. But, you know what? Life would be far less magical. Life would be absent those endorphins that make moments unforgettable. 

I think we are socialized to value practicality above all else. My question is: why? Why dissuade today's children from living with their head in the clouds? Why dissuade today's children from following their heart? Why do we assign value to the tangible, while assigning no such value to the intangible? Perhaps I am not the most practical person. The most grounded person. The most realistic person. Perhaps I will never be. But I would never in a million years trade the possibility of magic for the certainty of the mundane. 

I will gladly take the risk. Always.